About Me

My name is Charlie Southpoint and I’m from California. Growing up in the Golden State was awesome—there were so many great things to do, including surfing! As a kid, I spent most of my free time out on the waves, learning how to ride them better each day. But that wasn’t all—I also had an incredible opportunity as a young fella, working alongside my dad building custom epoxy surfboards. It’s something we both shared and enjoyed together like no other activity ever could have provided for us at such an important stage in our lives. It became more than just another hobby: We developed really great life skills which would help shape me into who I am today, plus some very special memories that will last forever. That connection between father and son through craftsmanship simply cannot be beat! Checkout my southpoint epoxy blogs by clicking here.

Dedication To My Dad

My dad passed away in 2020 due to COVID-19. It was sudden and unexpected. I miss him dearly; he was such a big part of my life. We used to go to his surfboard shop, where I was amazed at how he could craft boards from molds and epoxy resin. We would listen to classic rock songs, shape foam into waves, Fiberglass them and chat about how his business was going. We also enjoyed buying supplies at the nearby beach store and drinking hot cocoa from their machine. Dad’s art form of making surfboards out of love is still with us today. To honor him and commemorate these amazing times with his guidance, I have found myself investing too much energy trying to keep those customs and designs alive. Creating art pieces beyond what you may find elsewhere has become sort of a release and escape. This site is dedicated in remembrance of those wonderful times with him. I love you, Dad.