Why Choose Epoxy Surfboards – Charlie Southpoint

Epoxy surfboards are becoming increasingly popular among both experienced and beginner boarders. Not only are they more durable than traditional boards because of their extra-strong outer shell, but they’re also lighter and provide greater flotation so you can have a smoother ride in choppy waters and pull off some serious maneuvers. On top of that, they can handle wear-and-tear from regular use or accidents, which means you won’t need to do as much maintenance and you can save money. Plus, epoxy boards look really cool both out on the waves and in your room. Investing in epoxy surfboards is always worth it, since they’re affordable and long-lasting. Plus, epoxy resin is great for the environment since it produces fewer volatile organic compounds than polyester.

DIY Epoxy Surfboards – Charlie Southpoint

From a young age, I had a passion for surfing in California. My parents got me an epoxy surfboard so I could explore the hobby. I recall those first few days getting to know the board and honing my skills. There were many kids out on the ocean, having a great time. Epoxy boards are lightweight and durable, making them a popular choice among surfers. They enable tight turns and smooth carves, allowing for both aquatic and aerial maneuvers. These boards have inspired dedicated surfers of all ages to challenge their limits. You can even learn how to surf as a kid with this school.

Growing up, my dad was a major surfer and he always taught me the basics. Every weekend we’d make our way to the beach together, me with my board and him with his strapped between us. We had days of just riding the waves, but some of the best memories were the times we made custom boards from scratch. It took us months to finish one, but seeing my dad’s proud smile when each one was ready made it all worth it. He even let me paint some of them! We accumulated quite a few boards over time, but now that he’s passed away, they’re scattered around here. If you listen closely though, you can still hear the laughter from when we used to have those days out on the waves, me shouting “One more wave, Daddy!”