The Benefits Of Epoxy Surfboards

Epoxy surfboards offer many advantages over other types of boards, such as being lighter and more durable. They are also easier to shape than traditional boards made from polyurethane foam or wood veneer, as their laminates are already sealed together. One of the most important aspects of a quality surfing experience is the design; epoxies have superior flex characteristics that allow for greater maneuverability on waves, making them suitable for novice through advanced level riders. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance due to their scratch-resistant nature, making them an ideal choice in terms of style, performance, and affordability!

Beautifully created and meant to last

Epoxy surfboards are fully customizable and are a great option for both veteran and amateur surfers alike. They offer much versatility in terms of what they can be used for, ranging from small waves to big-wave riding. With epoxy boards, you get access to an array of different shapes depending on your needs or preference, giving riders maximum control over their ride’s performance potential. Equally as important is that these customization options don’t sacrifice durability, so your board will remain strong regardless of how it is treated out there on the beach! Aside from shape preferences, one also has abundant choices when it comes to colorways and artwork paint schemes, ensuring that any rider can put their own personal spin on every wave ridden with an epoxy surfing board beneath them.

Ride the wave like a boss, and look great while you do it! Custom epoxy surfboards make you feel like a god and you can look like one too while you’re shredding some waves.

The Benefits Of Epoxy Surfboards

Epoxy surfboards are becoming a big hit since they have more benefits than fiberglass boards. Depending on size, shape and design, custom-made boards will likely cost more than store bought ones. Store bought boards usually range from $400 to almost $1,000, but they won’t last long if used by experienced riders in tougher conditions. For those who want something more specialized, finding a local shaper to make a personalized one-off design is the way to go. You get to choose the attributes like board length/width ratio, fins setup, material type and so on. Prices start from low double digits, but can go up to thousands if you want a top tier creator. Custom made orders will take longer to complete, but you’ll get far better value for your money.